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Insurance solutions 

Monument Insurance provides businesses with tailored and branded insurance solutions for their customers.

Monument Insurance works with all sizes and types of businesses across a broad range of industries. Our customers range from community groups and industry bodies, through to SMEs and large institutions.

Our solutions and support scale to your needs.


  • Branded insurance products.
  • Quote and bind web solutions for agents and sales staff.
  • 24/7 claims management and customer advocacy.
  • Real time reporting dashboard to track quotes and sales.
  • Technical expertise.
  • Full sales staff training and documentation.
  • Management of insurance renewals and policy updates.
  • Customer payment services (including online credit card facility, monthly payment options).
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The insurance solutions we’ve designed and supported include:

  • Custom life and health offerings for large corporate companies.
  • Motor insurance for luxury vehicle retailers.
  • Not-for-profit insurance solutions that will help fund community groups.
  • Comprehensive cover package for New Zealand small-medium business owners.
  • Home, contents and car insurance solutions for individuals.

How we work

Understanding your risks

Monument Insurance works with you to discuss the types of risks your customers face. Then we source the right insurance partner.

Our experts negotiate what’s covered and how much will be paid for different events, which ensures your customers have cover that works for them when they need it.

The insurance policies we develop are exclusive to your business and customers.

Sales and support

We visit your locations and spend time with your team to understand your sales process and what resources are required.  For some businesses, it’s guides, brochures and application forms. In other cases an online solution to quote and bind insurance coverage may be required.  

Full training is provided to staff, and our customer service team is available to help with ongoing sales and support.

A tailored insurance solution for your business, association, franchise or industry body may help:

  • Grow customer loyalty and advocacy.
  • Provide convenient and easy insurance solutions for your customers.
  • Deliver financial growth for your business.

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